Education to Employment

Education to Employment

We tailor a range of activities and learning opportunities that cannot be replicated in a school or group to develop skills and gain knowledge for real life for all ages, abilities and walks of life.

Listed below is the current range of activities and learning opportunities that we have undertaken to date, just click on the title to view the details. If you would like more information regarding any of these activities please contact us at

Work Experience


In response to a local lad’s request, we set up a work experience placement with Aberdeenshire Council for schools in 2020. He helped to assemble our polytunnel’s doors and market our Farming in the Field classes and workshops.


A Service Development Officer (Corporate Parenting) for the Education & Children’s Services asked if we could provide an Animal Care work experience to compliment a youth’s studies of Animal Care in 2021. This resulted in assistance of training our donkeys to long rein as well as daily care provision for our pigs and donkeys.


In 2022, the Local Area Co-ordinator Training and Employment, Through Care and After Care Team from the Education and Children’s Services approached us for work experience placements. The first placement has involved Marie in collecting and dropping off the young person to enable him to gain confidence and independence on public transport as well as him gaining all aspects of farming skills for future training and employability options. Marie offered a work experience placement to a Carronhill School pupil for a more intensive one to one individualised learning of crop and animal care out with their weekly class visit. This young person comes for a day, once a week, to grow his own fruit and vegetables that he can transfer across to the school’s allotment, his College gardening course and his own garden. He is in the field with Marie helping her to care for our animals and train our donkeys and dogs that he can carry over to caring for his pets at home more independently.

Developing The Young Workforce

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is an ambitious project driven by Education Scotland aimed at equipping young people with the skills and knowledge they will need to flourish in work, and support diversity in the workforce.

In Summer 2019, we proudly partnered with Carronhill School to provide an opportunity for their students to gain hands-on experience of Farming in the Field and to develop skills in tending crops and caring for animals.

Every week, Carronhill School’s 16 -18 year old pupils come and enjoy learning animal care, tending to crops and did assist in our Farm Shop that we volunteer to as our continual support to Carronhill School.

“What’s For Tea Tonight?” have provided our pupils with a range of activities and learning opportunities that we would find difficult to replicate in the school setting..”

“Our pupils have been involved with sowing, planting, caring for and harvesting crops on the farm. They have been instructed on and then participated with caring for animals by helping to look after the needs and health of the pigs on the farm.”

“Pupils have been involved with restacking shelves and preparing customer orders in the shop.”

“All these experiences have enabled our pupils to get experience of working in a real world setting and helps them develop skills as they look towards their next steps after leaving school.”

To date, the work on the farm and shop has helped Carronhill pupils to get SQA awards at level 1 and 2 in Finding Out About the World of Work, Science in the Environment – Living Things & Managing and Environmental Area and Employment Skills – Agriculture and Horticulture & Working With Animals.

Additionally, their literacy and numeracy skills have been enhanced by carrying out tasks on the farm and in the shop. This allows them to use these skills in a real life setting, such as following verbal instructions and weighing produce in the shop.


To date our class visits have involved:

  • Learning how to grow potatoes for the local primary schools growing potato competition resulting in First prize.
  • Looking at the impact of the climate on our local area and how the land is used, focusing on what local farmers grow on their land.
  • Encouraging the responsibility and co-operation of an individual pupil within an interactive group of peers with real life skills.
  • Enhanced pupils gaining confidence in different surroundings and the countryside and being comfortable with our animals.
Home Education Groups

We offer a personalised Farming In the Field Experience for Home Educators based on your children’s ages, abilities and interests as well as your availability. Just get in touch to find out more…

Listed below are some of the lovely feedback comments that we have recieved to date.

“Marie is a wonderful teacher who adores the children. She has the patience to speak to each child as an individual and takes the time to prepare different games and quizzes to test their knowledge of all things farm related.”

“Our love for the countryside was rekindled when we started attending ‘Farming in the Field’ home education days with Marie.”

“From learning about how worms make healthy soil, to moving electric fences, all the way to harvesting our own veg and caring for two kune kune pigs, these days are an incredible learning experience for our kids.”

“These farm days have now become our favourite day of the month.”

“If you aren’t sure that farming life is for you then my advice to you is to visit and help out at the farm over the various seasons, this will give you a taste of whether or not this lifestyle is for you. You might surprise yourself!”

“The two hardest workers are, by far, Pinky and Dotty, the pigs. They are an integral part of making this experience a success. They are fed straight from the land which they then help to clear and fertilise, ready for the new crops to be sown. The children carry out health checks, making sure the pigs’ eyes and ears are clean, they can carry weight on all four legs and that their tails keep wagging!”

“I can count on one hand the number of dry days we have had on the farm over the last two years, it can be hard work but there is a great satisfaction in the end when you see all that you have achieved.”

“It is a great chance to teach kids about where their food comes from as well as how food is grown. No preservatives or being shipped hundreds of miles here. They have sown seeds, pulled weeds, protected crops from hungry rabbits and deer and even helped harvest the veg they have helped to grow. Not to mention tasting vegetables straight out of the ground!””

Previous Employment of School Children

From 2011 – 2022, eight 13 to 16 year old individuals worked at the weekends and the school holidays in collaboration with our four mums who mainly worked during term time to manage our Farm shop, help to grow and harvest our fruit and vegetables and assist in our animal care. Encouragement and facilitation was provided to them all that strengthened and expanded their skills, knowledge and expertise in customer care, budgeting, stock rotation, knowledge of farm produce, cooking advice, health needs of growing fruit and vegetables and training our pigs and donkeys for our visitors to enjoy hands on animal care.